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Hard Disk Shield 1.5

Remove all unwanted, unnecessary, large, and duplicate files from your system
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Getting rid of temporary files, cookies, Internet history, cache files, and deleted files still in the recycle bin, are basic housekeeping tasks that we should perform on our computers regularly. Hard Disk Shield does all this and more – it helps you to locate large unnecessary files that are taking up valuable space, to remove useless duplicates, and defragments your hard drives for a smoother and quicker overall performance.

As it happens with most similar tools, Hard Disk Shield is but an informative trial whose main functionality has been disabled to lure you to purchase the corresponding license. Thus, it will only scan your drives and will provide you with reports on its findings. The amount of data retrieved gives you an idea of the program’s high level of thoroughness and accuracy, though its true efficiency cannot be assessed without a license.

All the functions provided are file-related functions. Except for the disk defragmentation tool, you won’t find any other disk or memory optimization tasks, registry cleaning routines, or tricks to boost up your system’s performance. Removing unwanted and unnecessary files, as well as getting rid of large-sized and duplicate files that we are no longer aware of, is what the program has been designed for.

The scan process is not fast, and it cannot be customized to make it swifter, except by unticking some of the file types the program will analyze among Temporary files, Recycle bin, Caches, Recent files, Cookies, and Internet history. Apparently, by taking a look at the extensive lists of results it provides, one could say that the scan processes are not only thorough but also exhaustive. The program will also tell you how many files could be deleted, as well as the amount of disk space that you’d recover by doing so. That is as far as the trial version goes – from this point onwards, you will need to purchase a license.

Hard Disk Shield offers a deep scan process to locate all those files that take up valuable disk space and that are either no longer needed, duplicates, or simply junk. The scan process itself can be automated, so you’ll be informed at all times of every new dupe or junk files piling up on your drives. Of course, the final choice about which files stay and which go is always yours.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Duplicate finder
  • Locates large unnecessary files
  • Detects all junk files and traces


  • File-related features only
  • The trial version simply scans your system and reports on it
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